We are your local specialist in the repairs, servicing & diagnostics of your Brakes, Clutch & much more.

New 4×4 Heavy Duty clutches available from our DriveTech 4×4 Range


Brake & Clutch Fluid:

  • Every 40,000km or 2 years; which ever comes first
    (In high humidity conditions this may require more regular servicing, as these fluids are absorbents for water)

About Our Servicing:

This includes high quality brake fluid (Ferodo, Penrite or OEM), a thorough inspection and a written report of the Brake & Clutch. This will ensure that your car is running at its optimum efficiency. A proper Brake & Clutch service and inspection by Town Automatics will help you save money, and could prevent unnecessary breakdowns and problems before they turn into major, expensive repairs.

About Our Repairs

Car repairs are performed by Industry Technicians; we don’t cut corners, and only use the most respected & highest quality parts for the job, giving you peace of mind that your car will be done right the first time.

About Our Diagnostics

Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology in computer scanners, specialist tools & knowledge by our highly qualified technicians. This includes computer & manual diagnostics.