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High performance motor oils & lubricants for vehicles in Townsville

You may have heard it said before, but we can confirm that it is true: having a high quality motor oil is important. That’s why we carry high-performance motor oils for our customers, whether we change your oil in our shop, or you do the change yourself. There are many benefits to using the finest motor oils, and they go beyond just keeping your vehicle working at peak performance. For starters, synthetic, high-performance motor oils result in fewer carbon emissions, making them better for the environment as well as your car. They also result in less wear and tear to your engine and its parts, so your vehicle maintains its performance for longer.
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High-performance motor oils can also result in better performance, lower temperatures, resulting in less build-up in the engine, and lower oxidation resistance. If you don’t quite know what all of that means, it all boils down to that fact that better oils will keep your vehicle running at its optimum for longer between changes. You’ll also get more life out of your oil than you will with a lesser brand.
Here at Town Automatics 4WD & Mechanical, we carry only a high quality range of automotive oils & lubricant's, so you can feel confident in knowing that your vehicle is receiving the best treatment. We highly recommend to our customers to use a range of high-performance automotive oils in their vehicles for better performance and smoother operation. You may even notice a difference in how well your car runs from the first day or using it.

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We are here to help you choose the right products and services for your vehicle. If you have any questions about our services or our range of motor oils, don’t hesitate to ask.